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Hey, it’s Brad here again…

First of all, I want to say congratulations for investing in a better life for yourself…

I can confidently say that when it comes to firing up your metabolism to work at its natural, optimal level…

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There’s something important I need to show you that can accelerate your weight loss results…

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You heard that right.

But you have to do NOTHING the right way

Because when you do, it can incinerate more fat…

Explode your energy levels…

And help you look younger and more vibrant…

Every single day.

Again, by doing NOTHING.

See, there is one activity we ALL engage in on autopilot…

And it has a really sneaky impact on weight loss.

And if you engage in this activity the wrong way…

You’ll be sabotaging your weight loss efforts…

Without even knowing it.

Plus, if you do it wrong, it can put a huge drain on your energy levels…

Making you look and feel OLDER than your calendar age.

That’s why it was so important for us
to develop Step 2 of our long-term Metabolic System.

We developed a way to make your results with Metabrim NRG permanent.

And it’s something that can quickly help you accelerate your fat loss…

Help you look years younger…

And feel your energetic best every single day.

It’s a breakthrough discovery that works in beautiful harmony with Metabrim NRG…

This is why I almost demand that people who want to accelerate their weight loss results… use it as well.

So, what is this breakthrough?

It’s a breakthrough that helps optimize and accelerate your metabolism by helping you get deeper, more restorative sleep.

That’s right.

Sleep is the sneaky brilliant way to accelerate your fat loss…

And here’s why.

Your Metabolism Gets All Its Signals From Your Central Nervous System.1

And when you feel stressed, worried, or anxious, your central nervous system floods your body with the hormone “Cortisol.” 2

Now it’s normal for cortisol levels to drain away – after the stress or anxiety has passed.

But groundbreaking research from the Mayo Clinic reported that consistently elevated stress levels from feeling overweight…

KEEPS flooding your system with Cortisol.

Elevated Cortisol Levels Is One Of The Most Toxic Things That Can Happen To Your Body.3 4

And it leads to a variety of serious health problems…5

Including sabotaging your metabolism.6

Scientists have reported for some time that too much cortisol can lead to runaway weight gain, especially belly fat…7

But what no one knew until recently…

Is how important the Central Nervous system was in controlling your metabolism…8

When Dr. Mike and I discovered this connection between stress, lack of sleep, and the metabolism, we had a light bulb moment.

I Know From Personal Experience Just How Much Stress We’re Under From Feeling Overweight.

And how much the “Diet Industry” and popular is contributing to triggering this stress…

Which releases even more cortisol.9

When we looked in the mirror we think, “I’m fat, and nothing fits me anymore.”

Bam – cortisol floods the body.

Go to work and we’re thinking about how people think we’re fat.

Bam – cortisol hits us again.

Getting ready for bed and watching your partners eyes look over your flabby body and worrying that they’ll leave you.

Bam – another flood of cortisol.

Going to the beach or to the pool we can think…

“Look at all these skinny people. My fat makes me stick out like a sore thumb.”

Bam – wave upon wave of Cortisol.

Then our jaws dropped when we discovered a Harvard University report.

It demonstrated that not only does too much cortisol lead to almost uncontrolled weight gain…

It Also Triggers Nearly Uncontrollable Cravings For Unhealthy, Higher Calorie Foods…10
Which Leads to Binge Eating.

Plus, haven’t you found that eating your favorite foods makes you feel good?

AKA, “comfort eating.”

And when we’re battling with our weight, we just want to feel something good, right?

And comfort eating is so quick and easy…

Eating too much of the wrong foods becomes inevitable.

For The First Time, I Finally Saw How The Cortisol Cycle Sabotages the Central Nervous System…

And Your Metabolism

Then Dr. Mike and I made another mind-blowing discovery!

We discovered that sleep shares the same chemical pathways in the nervous system as the stress response.

It’s called the “HPA Axis.”11

When stress and cortisol disrupts your HPA Axis, it disrupts your sleep cycle like crazy. 12 13

Stanford University14 Found An Elevated “Hpa Axis” Causes Fragmented Sleep and Insomnia15 16

Disrupted sleep then elevates your body’s production of cortisol…

Triggering even more cortisol production during the day.17

Sleep should be the one area where the nervous system gets a break from cortisol…

Sleep should be the one area that helps accelerate our metabolism.

But When Your Nervous System Is Under Attack From Stress And Cortisol,

Your Metabolism Can’t Fire Properly.

As I thought about it, I remembered how much of a struggle it was to go to sleep.

I’d feel exhausted in the morning…

I never woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed.

And I’d often wake up several times every night.

I even wondered if I might have sleep apnea.

Sleep Can Be Our #1 Enemy When It Comes To Our Weight Loss Battle…. Or It Can Become Our #1 Ally.

Which Is Where MetaboREM Comes In.
Like I Said, It’s Step 2 In Our System – For Good Reason.

It contains the all-natural ingredients that help facilitate a calming of the nervous system…

Help relax the body…

And help deal a death blow to cortisol.

Not Just So You Can Sleep Better…

But So Your Metabolism Isn’t Sabotaged By Ongoing Stress And The Cortisol Flood.

Why is MetaboREM so Effective?

Well, our formulation team went all out this time and outdid ourselves.

We managed to develop a truly unique and proprietary blend of natural ingredients…

That when combined, offer a truly groundbreaking formula that

Busts stress and cortisol right in the chops…

And Helps Your Metabolism Work As Designed.

Power-Packed High-Quality Natural Ingredients

Made in FDA Certified Facilities in the USA

Containing our key hero ingredients:

These all work wonders in helping your body get the deep sleep it needs so you can burn fat while you sleep.

We also hand-picked the following ingredients for their expectational benefits.



We started with Ashwagandha, nature’s #1 stress and cortisol buster.18 19
Valerian Flower


Then we added Valerian, also known for its powerful relaxation promoting qualities.



Provides immune system support, improves sleep and overall well-being.



Widely known for helping people to relax, reduce anxiety and achieve better sleep.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

Found to improve mood and reduce stress for optimal sleep mode.



Lower blood pressure and improves vascular function in prehypertension

The Result?

The Most Powerful Relaxing Sleep Aid That Helps You:
All So You Can Burn Fat While You Sleep…
Wake Up Feeling Like A Million Bucks…

With More Energy And Vitality Than You’ve Experienced In Years.

Plus, when you sleep better and deal a death blow to cortisol, you can’t help but look years younger…

Saying goodbye to those dark circles that tell the world how fatigued you are.

Like I mentioned – it’s Step 2 of our Metabolic System for good reason.

You Can Add MetaboREM To Your Order Right Now For Up To 80% Off The Retail Price.
Help Your Body Deal With The Stress That Inevitably Comes Dealing With Your Weight 24/7/365…

And Get Better Sleep So You Can Lose Weight Even Faster.


And, you’re covered by our 180 day satisfaction guarantee.

As you’ve seen for yourself, MetaboREM is the perfect companion to Metabrim NRG.

It can truly help you accelerate your results.

MetaboREM Requires A Time Consuming Process To Ensure Each Batch Is Highly Effective.

We’re doubling our stocks month-on-month, but still constantly running out.

And because of that…

It takes up to 3 months to custom create each batch.

Which means we frequently run the risk of out-of-stocks.

And like I mentioned in the last video, the global supply chain has been hit with a tsunami of destruction from the pandemic.

Everything STILL IS topsy-turvy – and, according to Forbes, it will be years before we’re back to normal.

That’s Why Stocking Up Is The Smart Move.

Dr. Mike and I want everyone who sees this page to have the opportunity to experience this incredible “burn fat while you sleep” formula for themselves.

That’s why we’re giving you the opportunity to stock up right now on the multi-bottle bundle…

At an even larger discount…

So you can continue to burn more fat faster…

Enjoy all the benefits of an optimized metabolism

And look and feel younger than your real age…

For months and years to come.

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“If I’m not absolutely thrilled by how I’m sleeping better, feeling better, and losing weight while I sleep…

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Money-Back Guarantee

Your decision to invest in MetaboREM is completely risk free. And if you change your mind for any reason whatsoever… You can just email customer service and get a full refund.”

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