The #1 Reason Your "2nd Brain" Determines Whether Your Metabolism Succeeds - or FAILS

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I sure hope you’re excited…

That’s because you’ve just made the easiest commitment ever to burning fat by firing up your Neuro-Gastric connection with Metabrim NRG.

But I need to address something just as important as re-establishing your
Neuro-Gastric connection.

And that’s the problem of cravings.

Have you experienced how cravings have sabotaged your weight loss goals?

Are you worried about it happening again?

I’m sure you’ve been confused at how no matter how great you’re doing with maintaining a “good diet”…

You can get blindsided by cravings for sugary, fattening sweets and carbs.

They seem to come out of nowhere…

And you end up “giving in” for what seems like no good reason.

Please hear this right now: It’s NOT your fault
…And I mean that sincerely.

See, there’s a strange but intelligent organism setting up shop inside your intestines right now.

And it’s manipulating you into irrationally craving very BAD foods…

Against your will…

So IT can survive and feed off of YOUR body.

This intelligent organism is called Candida.

It’s a type of yeast that quickly transforms into a potentially deadly fungus.

And it lives in your gut.

Right now, the medical research world is binge watching the effects of Candida.

Because it’s impacting every single person on planet earth.

Doesn’t matter if you’re male or female…

8 years old or 78.

It’s an enemy EVERYONE is forced to face to one degree or another.

Now, you may not fully understand this…

But your gut is also known as the 2nd brain.

It even has its very own nervous system.

It’s called the Enteric Nervous System.

It’s made up of a fragile ecosystem of good bacteria AND bad bacteria.

It’s hard to fathom, but there are 100X more bacterial cells in your gut than in the rest of your body combined.

And researchers are just now discovering how scary smart these cells are.

They’re also very humanlike.

They eat, get rid of waste and are driven to survive and thrive – just like you.

Now, here’s the problem…

Candida is driven to take over your gut’s fragile ecosystem

Like an invading army looking to “take over” your gut, aka your 2nd brain.

Candida immediately starts taking over your brain’s chemistry…

Forcing you to give IT everything IT wants.

Think about it this way…

All those thoughts you assume are yours – when you irrationally crave cheese cake, ice cream sundaes, or or that bag of Doritos…

Well, those thoughts and cravings…

They aren’t yours at all.

It’s the Candida that’s pulling the strings in your thoughts.

The implications are huge.

Is all “evidence” that Candida is taking over.

It’s tricking you into craving foods IT WANTS…

Even though you KNOW you shouldn’t partake.

And isn’t it crazy how it can happen… when you aren’t even hungry?!?!

Candida is leading you down the primrose path of emotional overeating.

And yet saying NO becomes impossible…

Because the cravings are too strong.

There’s a reason these cravings are so powerful.

You see…

Candida lives off of sugar.

Sugar is its #1 FAVORITE FOOD.

And to get more, it will constantly send false and deceiving messages to your brain – demanding MORE SUGAR.

And with the absolute power of the 2nd brain with Candida at the helm…

Those cravings simply become impossible to deny.

That’s why…

Candida is #1 reason you failed to get results from even the healthiest, most promising diets.

Its presence is just that undeniable when it colonizes your gut.

Now, when Candida starts to dominate the fragile ecosystem in your gut…

You are at its mercy.

So, in the past, if you’ve gotten depressed because you couldn’t lose weight…

You can finally let yourself off the hook.

And place the blame where it squarely belongs.

It truly isn’t the fault of your will power or dedication.

I hope you can finally see and accept this truth.

Now, you’re probably wondering…

How was Candida able to take control of your gut in the first place, right?

It’s a good question.

There’s a long list of variables that opened the door to Candida…

Like microplastics in our water…

Like the overabundance of processed foods…

Like the decreasing nutritional value in even raw foods…

But there’s one thing that threw open the door and let Candida march right in and set up shop.

And that’s antibiotics.

The truth is antibiotics kill ALL the bacteria in your gut…

Including your the good, healthy bacteria your gut needs to thrive.

But you might be surprised that antibiotics can’t even touch Candida.

In fact, just the opposite.

Candida jumps for joy when you take antibiotics.

Just one round of antibiotics gives Candida the opportunity it needs

to set up shop and start rapidly colonizing your 2nd brain.

That’s right – just ONE round of antibiotics.

Think of how most of us have had MULTIPLE ROUNDS of of antibiotics!

Sounds like an alien invasion from a sci-fi movie, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s exactly what it is.

But it gets worse.

That’s because Candida doesn’t just take over your gut.

It starts tearing up the place…

Poking holes in the thin lining of your intestines – introducing disease-causing bacteria to your bloodstream and vital organs.

These microscopic holes in your gut allow this alien bacteria to invade places they were never meant to go.

By saying “disease,” I’m including obesity – because that’s what it is.

See, when your bloodstream gets overwhelmed by foreign matter…

The liver, which is supposed to clean the toxicity out of your blood…

Well, it passes that toxicity onto your fat cells.

That’s why there’s often so much extra fat in your stomach, butt, hips and thighs.

But Candida doesn’t just stop there.

Since Candida thrives on sugar…

This intelligent organism convinces you to load up on an extra serving of pie…

Or a second serving of Pasta Primavera…

Or an extra donut, or two, or three…

Which sends your blood sugar shooting through the roof.

This instructs your body to store insulin in your fat cells.

This can leave you suspiciously hungry – even though you’ve just eaten yourself sick.

Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Especially since this sets you up for Insulin Resistance, Blood Sugar Instability, and Type II Diabetes…

Now, your order of Metabrim NRG addresses getting your Neuro-Gastric connection re-connected…

So your metabolism can start to burn fat like it’s supposed to.

But Metabrim NRG definitely doesn’t STOP Candida.

Your body needs you to reintroduce a flood of the rare, good bacteria that can start to retake control over your 2nd Brain…

Protect your fragile intestinal ecosystem from bad bacteria – especially Candida.

And your body desperately needs to start healing the holes Candida poked in your gut.

And for the first time ever…

You finally can.

Introducing Probiotics 40

It’s the absolute perfect companion for Metabrim NRG.

This GMO-free, probiotic supplement is the result of years of breakthrough research.

It uses a brand new proprietary formulation process that enables good bacteria to actually survive your stomach acid…

So it can actually reach your gut – where it can start its own colonization process…

And put an end to Candida’s heinous reign.

Want proof? Good!

Take a look at this picture from the lab.

What you’re seeing is the good bacteria in Probiotics 40 taking control over the bad bacteria.

Amazing, right?

What’s also cool is…

Just 2 capsules a day of Probiotic 40 gives you the exact same advantage inside of your gut…

Where Candida is sabotaging your weight, happiness and health.

Probiotic 40 contains the rare formulation of good bacteria that can start to close up the “leaky gut damage” that makes sustained weight loss virtually impossible.

I haven’t seen another probiotic formulation that’s specifically designed to work hand in hand with your metabolism…

One that’s proven in laboratory studies to retake control of your gut from bad bacteria.

This formula packs such a punch, it’s unique blend of over 40 Billion organisms…

Is a patented formula.

It’s called MAKTREK® Bi-Pass Technology.

Because it’s so effective at making sure it doesn’t get destroyed during your body’s “pre-digestive” phase in your stomach.

Which means it can safely deliver the good bacteria to your gut – where you need it most.

The rare strains of good bacteria in this one little bottle won’t just help transform your body…

Probiotic 40 can completely transform your entire life.

Strains like Lactobacillus Plantarum, which is known to reduce the growth of virus, fungi and mold in your gut.

And Lactobacillus Paracasei – known to help restore intestinal wall integrity –

Meaning a “healthy gut barrier” can finally be possible.

Problems like irrational cravings can start easily resolving themselves.

Can you imagine going through an entire day without feeling like you’re in the fight of your life against cravings?

Can you visualize your digestive system working as it’s designed to?

Can you imagine the good bacteria retaking the sacred ground inside your gut?

Imagine – just a few days after receiving your order of Probiotics 40 – waking up and realizing…

“THIS… is the REAL me. This is what I was designed for. I’m never going to be the “me” who struggled with endless irrational cravings ever again.”

That’s what the perfect synergy of Metabrim NRG and Probiotics 40 can gift you.

You can finally reclaim your gut…

Get your life back…

And get the real YOU back.

You can finally do all the things you’ve been avoiding because you’re overweight.

Imagine the gratitude and joy your loved ones will have because the real YOU can engage fully with them.

I’m talking about enjoying a fresh start to FINALLY live your life on your own terms.

Getting rid of Candida’s wicked influence ushers in that kind of freedom.

Once Probiotics 40 helps get Candida under control, you’ll never have to deal with this alien invasion happening inside of your body again.

You can finally reclaim your 2nd Brain.

Here’s something else…

Candida has now been linked to all kinds of strange “mystery symptoms.”

These symptoms include things like IBS, Celiac Disease, frequent yeast infections, weird skin rashes, and even chronic fatigue.

Needless to say…

Probiotics 40 can help transform your body… and your life… in delightful ways you never thought possible.

So go ahead and choose one of the order options below.

Because of the constant threat of Candida…

And because of the intense and lengthy manufacturing process…

And because of the topsy turvy world supply chain…

The smart option is to get a full six month supply at better value.

Because once you see and feel for yourself the results of Probiotics 40, you’ll never want to be without it.

And you’re 100% covered by my 180-day money back guarantee.

You either kick those wild irrational cravings to the curb…

Or you’ll receive a full, no-questions-asked refund.

But what we’ve seen over and over is that when you see what Probiotics 40 can do for you…

Not only will you want more, but you’ll want your whole family on it.

I promise you that.

Probiotics 40 is THAT powerful and effective.

Again, choose the option that’s best for you and I’ll see you on the other side.

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