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Hey, it’s Brad here again with Dr. Mike.

I want to be the first to say, congratulations, you did it!

Consider yourself lucky.

You just made the smartest decision of your life and you don’t even know it yet.

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Yes, you heard me right.

You are lucky, as well as smart.

Consider what just happened here.

You somehow landed on a page that very few people even know exists, which has given you a proven way to finally lose weight – and it actually works.

You came into this whole thing in a body you weren’t happy with.

But all that is about to change.

I can tell you were sick and tired of the never ending weight loss cycle – and now you’re going to end the yo-yo diet cycle.

You are on the verge of giving up and now you’re about to be dropping pounds and inches.

You knew you were overweight, and you were willing to admit it.

But at this very moment.

That is all behind you now.

You knew you deserved better - and you decided to do something about it.

You took a look in the mirror and you said, “I’m not happy with how I look and feel and I’m not going to live with it anymore.”

And from that moment on, your old life came to an end.

So you didn’t just invest in yourself with Metabrim NRG…

You Just Saved Your Life, and I Mean That Sincerely.

Once you start losing serious weight with Metabrim NRG, like thuosands of others right now…

There isn’t a single part of your life that won’t get better as your metabolism kicks into gear…

Like it was intended to…

No longer will you be crushed by self-limiting beliefs like I was…

Your confidence in yourself and your body will soar.

Your favorite clothes will finally fit.

Your energy levels will be through the roof as a result of all this.

Your relationship with your partner will blossom again – like it’s your honeymoon.

You’ll be amazed at the person you’ve become.

After all, you’ll have the body you’ve always wanted.

A feat that seemed impossible up until now…

So instead of struggling with trying to figure out how to hide your body with your clothes…

You’ll soon be looking at the body you’ve always dreamed of.

You’ll no longer have an ounce of shame when you look in the mirror.

And when all that happens, happiness will explode from your heart like fireworks on the 4th of July.

And those are just the personal benefits.

That’s not even mentioning the health benefits…

Like having the constant threat of escalating heart disease, and blood sugar levels be a distant memory.

Plus imagine how you soon will have a ton more energy to do the things you always wanted to do in life…

FINALLY living the life you truly desire.

That’s not to mention how you could be stepping on the scale and watching the pounds and inches go down day by day.

Clothes that will fit like they were made just for you.

Family, friends, and neighbors will be green with envy…

Dying to know how you did it.

And it’s all because you were smart enough to get in on Metabrim NRG when you did.

It’s the scientifically proven method that gives you the keys to your body.

The very same keys you’ve been dying to have to get out of the never ending weight loss cycle.

Metabrim NRG will give you the freedom and ability to do everything you’ve ever wanted to do.

And in just a matter of a few short weeks, your life is about to go from the shadows into bright sunshine.

Watching your weight go down in a matter of days will seem like a dream…

A dream you never have to wake up from.

This groundbreaking discovery is destined to be the biggest weight loss transformation you’ll ever experience.

It can light up your life, bring peace to your relationships and bring rock solid security to your future.

You’ll finally be able to live the life you truly want and deserve.

You’ll finally be able to live the life you truly want and deserve.

After all, you’ll have that slim and toned body.

Your intimacy with your partner will finally be all you want it to be.

And yes, that’s a real thing…

Living life with the body of your dreams.

You’ll truly feel like you won the weight loss lottery.

Like I said, smart and lucky.

But there’s a very real danger.

It’s entirely possible that your luck will run out.

Which means it’s possible that you’ll have none of it.

Maybe this was all just a dream.

Maybe you will stay right where you are – stuck with a body that doesn’t reflect the real you.

Maybe you’ll start avoiding your scale – AGAIN.

Maybe you’ll never fit back into your skinny clothes.

Maybe you’ll need to buy even bigger sizes…

Because you’re back on the weight loss yo-yo merry go round.

Maybe you’ll still feel like a prisoner in your own body with a life sentence.

Maybe you’ll never escape the suspicion that maybe your partner might leave you for someone slimmer and sexier than you.

Maybe your health will go spiral out of control…

Maybe hospital visits will continue to be one of your worst nightmares.

Maybe your life will still feel like you’re trapped in a hole, a hole so deep you can never dig yourself out of…

A hole your metabolism dropped you in.

These are real possibilities.

How could this happen???

Well, it has nothing to do with whether or not Metabrim NRG works…

Because thousands of people have already proven it flat out works.

And yet… all the dreams of a new body could still stay a nightmare.

And everything could still go to crap because of one problem.

A problem we haven’t really been able to talk about yet.

And I really need to talk about what this one thing is so it doesn’t happen for you.

I will tell you what it is right now…

And that problem is what Forbes has called a once-in-a-lifetime “Black Swan Event.”

Not just Covid-19…

But how it’s dropped a nuclear bomb on The Global Supply Chain.

And its vulnerabilities have been on full display since the pandemic hit.

It’s led the New York Times to describe the disruptions in the global supply chain as the most chaotic event since the Industrial Revolution began.

At any given time, off the coast of Los Angeles, more than two dozen container ships filled with raw ingredients and other highly sought imports…

Can be observed idling for as long as two weeks…

Desperately trying to get their goods to port.

This scene is repeated at every major port in the country.

As I’ve mentioned, the raw ingredients inside Metabrim NRG come from all over the world.

And keeping the supply of ingredients heading to our manufacturing facility has now become a complete nightmare.

We’ve already had to switch suppliers several times in the last year…

Simply because lockdowns in different areas can strike without notice.

The lockdown has led to breakdown of the global supply chain.

The experts have pointed out that even though the vaccine is rolling out, and things are starting to “get back to normal”…

It will take YEARS for the Global Supply Chain to recover.

That means that maintaining our inventory 3-6 months into the future is a total crap shoot.

And it would kill me to have you start seeing amazing results…

And go back to our website to re-order…

And find this:

Out of Stock ss

I’d hate for you to start seeing some real momentum…

And then experience the yo-yo weight loss – again.

That would suck.

Which is why I want to strongly encourage you to stock up now while our inventory is full.

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For the next 6 months.

It only seems right to match a 6 month supply with a 6-month guarantee, right?

I be suspicious of anyone that doesn’t stand behind their product like that.

Now, because of my own battle with my weight, I know how important it is to not only get back on the right track…


And more than anything right now, I want to respect your desire to get your weight back on track.

Not just now – but for months to come.

I want you to truly experience the joy of weight loss momentum.

Plus, the truth is, just about everyone who orders one bottle of Metabrim NRG and gets that one month of momentum under their belt

Well, they always come back for more.

No one want to go back to the way things were.

Now, since these are such turbulent times…

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I’m convinced you deserve the body of your dreams…

And all the health benefits that come along with it.

You deserve to have enough Metabrim NRG on hand to deliver on that promise.

And with the Global Supply Chain being so volatile…

And with it taking years to get back to normal…

I  urge you to take action right now.

Plus, you probably have family or friends who struggle with their weight.

That’s why so many of our customers go through multiple bottles a month.

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Look, if you’re concerned about investing in a product you haven’t tried yet….

I’m the same way, and it’s totally normal.

Which is why I’ve gone to the “Nth Degree” to give you peace of mind.


Like your initial order, you’ll get a 180-day guarantee when you choose to upgrade your order today. You can place your order safely and knowing that absolutely nothing can go wrong.

We’re so confident in the natural ingredients in Metabrim NRG that if you’re not happy with your investment – for any reason… We’ll refund your entire purchase. I don’t think you’ll find that type of confidence or Bulletproof Guarantee anywhere else. We pride ourselves in our product and service and want you to be absolutely satisfied.

180 Day Money Back Guarantee

– You are adding another 6 bottles at a one-time special discounted price when you click on upgrade –

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Some people have called me crazy, but I’m happy to take the risk for you.

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It’s like this.

Remember when the covid crisis began…

If you went to the store and they had toilet paper in stock, you simply got some…

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Right now, your original order, plus 6 more bottles, is in stock and on the shelves…

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I truly hope you take advantage while you still can.

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Isn’t it time to finally get the body you want and deserve…

Bot now — and for months to come?

I’m confident you’re going to love Metabrim NRG.

It’s already found its way into thousands of homes, helping countless men and women just like you finally lose the weight they always hoped was possible.

Metabrim NRG can help you too.

With a 6-month 100% money-back guarantee…

You have nothing to lose except that excess weight that’s been your nemesis for far too long.

Click the button below now and we’ll see you on the other side. 


– You are adding another 6 bottles at a one-time special discounted price when you click on upgrade –

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