How A Strange “Madagascar Yam” Holds The Secret To Igniting A Metabolic Firestorm In Your Body…

University Of Indiana Researchers Just Discovered a Strange Compound In An “African Yam” That Ignites Even The Sleepiest Metabolism.

This Desperate Father Used It To Torch 51 Pounds Of Stubborn Belly Fat In Mere Weeks

"Please tell me, is he going to make it, Dr. Leonard??!!"

“Well, I hate to say it, but this time, it’s up to chance. All his extra weight is making things so much worse..."

We’ve done all we can. If you’re the praying type, you should definitely pray.

He’s stable right now, but we’ll know more in the morning.”

“Please God, don’t take him yet. Please God bring him back to us. I don’t know what I’ll do if he doesn’t make it.”

I get to thank God every single day for answering my wife’s prayers that night.

And, more importantly, for what happened next…

Because even though sharing my weight struggles with you feels uncomfortable, if not downright embarrassing…

I’m taking the leap and being vulnerable.

Because I know my story will help prevent others from living the same agonizing nightmare I endured…

Not to mention all the stress, worry, and fear I put my family through.

But ultimately what I discovered following my harrowing trip to the ER…

Is a health and weight loss breakthrough that not only helped me survive, it’s made me THRIVE.

And you need to know how simple it is for my success story to become yours.

The discovery I stumbled upon has finally solved the age-old mystery of why some of us struggle so hard to lose stubborn belly fat…

Why we fight against “out-of-nowhere” weight gain…

And why it feels like we age – like someone hit the fast forward button.

As you’ll discover, solving this mystery has “zero” to do with the genes your parents gave you…

And it has nothing to do with torturing yourself at the gym or with starvation diets.

This breakthrough discovery came from a morning ritual that helped me torch 48 pounds of life-threatening, soul-destroying, stubborn belly fat… all in a matter of 4 weeks.

My friends and family had to pick their jaws off the floor when they saw me.

And, for months, I hardly recognized myself when I saw my reflection.

But way more important is that it saved me from ever having to repeat that terrifying trip to the hospital – where I almost didn’t make it.

My wife and kids are eternally grateful they no longer have to live in fear of ANOTHER trip to the ER.

What’s more, this discovery has saved me from having to depend on a laundry list of medications with surprising “jack-in-the-box” side effects.

Now the worry of heart disease, high blood pressure, and Type II diabetes…

Aren’t even on my radar.

What’s miraculous is the same morning ritual I used to torch 48 pounds of belly fat…

ALSO “disappeared” the most troublesome signs of aging I’d accumulated along the way.

Not did my face look thinner, I looked and felt decades younger.

It’s crazy to think this one, simple ritual basically flies in the face of everything we’ve ever been taught about losing weight and burning fat.

And it’s sending so-called “experts” scrambling to explain how they’ve been dead wrong for so long.

This 90-second morning ritual released me from the misery of constantly thinking about how “fat” I’d become…

Along with the stress, fear, and shame that came with it.

My wife even told me she feels like she has a “new and improved” husband at her side.

I almost feel like a horny teenager again, and my wife’s loving all the attention.

But I’m not the only one enjoying the heck out of these life-changing experiences.

This simple ritual has been a revelation for my sister-in-law Bonnie.

She was with my wife that night in the hospital.

She started following this same morning ritual and shed a whopping 61 pounds of self-esteem destroying belly fat in a matter of 6 weeks.

We were all amazed as we watched her drop 10 dress sizes and see her youthful figure reappear before our very eyes.

What’s ironic is this discovery actually has its origin with a Madagascar yam named after an elephant.

But more on that in just a minute.

Even the joint pain that had plagued Bonnie for years disappeared into thin air.

What’s even more surprising is that she now seems impervious to gaining back any of her lost weight.

Even when she eats her favorite foods like bagels and cream cheese for breakfast, pizza for dinner, and vanilla bean cheesecake for dessert.

Like I said, sometimes it feels like we’re living in a dream because of this simple 90-second morning ritual.

It’s so powerful and effective at transforming lives, I never would have thought it possible.

Yet here we are living our best lives…

Looking slimmer and trimmer than we have in years…

Feeling more raw energy than we have in years…

And causing a stir at our class reunions.

Having experienced this transformation, I feel like God’s given me a mission.

So, if you, or someone you love, is struggling with 15, 25, or 45 pounds or more of excess fat, this may be the most important couple minutes of your life.

That’s because this simple morning ritual has the power to change every area of your life.

Now, if you’re feeling skeptical right now, I get it…
And I don’t blame you.

That’s because I was skeptical too. I’d tried just about everything under the sun to lose weight.

I was so jaded.

But this discovery is not about a new diet pill or drug.

Like I said, this discovery came out of left field for me.

It’s definitely not like anything that’s ever crossed your radar before either.

This discovery has everything to do with a little understood body process…

One that controls your metabolism, influences the age-appearance of your skin, and even helps determine your life expectancy.

Anyone who doesn’t correct this issue… is fighting an uphill battle against the ravages of a slowing metabolism.

In fact, burning fat becomes near impossible when we get this wrong.

You can spend hours at the gym, diet yourself to oblivion and if you get this one thing wrong, you’re sunk.

I should know.

Because, as you’ll see, I was the poster child for “doing it right” but getting blindsided by unexpected weight gain.

Hi There, My Name is Brad Palmer

And maybe the biggest irony of my life is that I was born into a family of peak athletes and fitness junkies.

I was the black sheep – always on the outside looking in.

My parents were active, fit, muscular.

My dad owned a gym and taught martial arts and my mom helped manage a health food store.

My siblings were the “stars” in whatever sport they played.

And it made me wonder, “What’s wrong with me?”

Even though I didn’t grow up thinking I was “fat”, my body was just “softer” than everyone else’s.

My parents were supportive and encouraging, but what worked for them just didn’t work for me.

I always just chalked all that up to a strange roll of the genetic dice.

They were all hardbodies, but I was always just a little, well… pudgy and round.

I played sports, but it wasn’t my passion.

But as awkward as it was growing up in a family of “Greek Gods and Goddesses”…

Nothing could have prepared me for what happened when I crested the “over-the-hill” hill.

It just seemed like from the age of 41 on…

Fat was magnetized to my belly

I hadn’t changed how I ate. I still ran several miles a week. I still hiked on the weekends.

It’s just like I caught the “fat flu” and couldn’t shake it.

Or like “Cupid” had shot me with a “fat arrow”

And instead of falling head over heels in love, I fell head over heels into being fat.

Family gatherings became excruciating.

Here I was, in a family of fit athletes. And I was 50 or 60 pounds overweight.

Everyone had advice about what I should and shouldn’t eat, what exercises to do and not do.

I know they meant well, but it just reinforced that there was something desperately wrong with ME.

So if you’ve had to endure an onslaught of well-meaning but humiliating advice about how to lose “the weight”, burn fat, and “get in shape”…

I totally get it.

“Some days it made me want to scream.”

Because I’d tried Keto, Atkins, and Paleo.

I’d joined gyms, boot camps, and bought countless at-home workout programs.

And pretty much nothing touched my flab. Nothing brought relief to the embarrassment of living with my family with superhero bodies.

But there’s one thing almost everyone misses when they talk about weight gain, diets, and exercise plans.

Almost all of the advice you read actually merely address the symptoms of weight gain…

But don’t actually address the root cause of it.

So even when you experience some success with weight loss…

The result is always this: once you take your foot off the pedal – even just a little – whatever fat you managed to “lose” comes back like a “fat boomerang.”

And the more “middle age” you become, the worse it gets, as I can attest.

The harder I tried to burn fat, the harder my body seemed to fight back.

As if it actually wanted me to accept my fate, give up and remain fat…

But here’s the good news…

The breakthrough discovery I mentioned earlier addresses the root cause of stubborn fat gain… better than anything else I’ve ever seen.

And I’ll show you the scientific proof in the next couple minutes.

And the ultra simple solution that will allow you to:

Starting right away.

Simply follow this easy 90-second ritual.

And finally be in charge of your metabolism, your weight, and your overall health… once and for all.

By reading the rest of this brief free letter…

Not only will you learn the secret that resurrected me from the hospital bed…

Finally giving me a body that rivaled my family’s…

But for your time…

I’ll also show you how you can get $297 worth of free health, wellness, and fitness systems… without spending a dime.

But trust me… the best part will be discovery how to get the body of your dreams handed to you on a silver platter.

Imagine watching in amazement as your body begins to melt unwanted belly fat… as if on autopilot.

And then, it staying off for good…

Without having to make radical changes in your diet….

Without adding hours and hours of fitness routine complication to your life.

Imagine a fired up, youthful metabolism instead of one that’s sluggish, slow, and fighting you every step of the way.

Imagine having the energy levels of your teenage years – along with the sex drive of your twenties.

Imagine looking like you’ve hit the “rewind” button on aging – your complexion, your hair, along with the rest of your appearance,

This one simple addition to your daily routine can truly usher in a revolution in how you look and feel.

And if hearing that triggers a skeptical reaction in you, I’m actually glad.

Because that means you’ve probably “been there, done that, got the T-shirt” when it comes to trying to lose weight.

And you’re looking for something backed by the latest scientific research.

And I can’t wait to share with you the mountain of research behind this discovery.

Because whether you have 15 or 150 pounds to lose, you likely feel like your metabolism has started to betray you once you hit “middle age.”

If you’ve thrown yourself at diet and exercise programs hyped up in the media….

And even if you’ve tried diet pills and expensive supplements…

But you’ve been let down and disappointed…

I can guarantee this will leave you in wonder, like you’re living a dream…

All because of the science behind this one 90-second ritual.

Plus… it’s what the experience of thousands of men and women just like you are saying.

We’ve heard from men and women of all ages and walks of life.

Soccer moms and busy professionals…

Retirees living their golden years…

Divorcees looking to start over in the midst of grief…

You name it, we’ve heard it.

So if you’ve been busting your butt in the gym, eating “clean”, and taking care of yourself… to no avail…

Please take heart.

Like I said, I’m the poster child for doing everything right, but watching the scale keep moving in the wrong direction…

Especially after my 41st birthday.

All the expert advice from my family and friends only took me so far.

For whatever reason, my entire family hit the genetic jackpot – except for me.

Not only was I battling obesity, it’s not surprising that I battled high blood pressure and had been flirting with diabetes, too.

Which is why I fought so hard to do everything right.

I committed to a strenuous workout program that took between 60-90 minutes every single day.

Even though I was busier than I’d ever been in my career, I always made time for my workout.

But I just couldn’t shake what felt like the destiny of my genes.

I felt like each day I had less energy than the day before and had gained weight seemingly overnight.

When my family said “Try Atkins” – I did.

When they said “Try Keto” – I did.

I even tried going Vegan.

I’d removed virtually all processed foods, and even tried removing gluten and dairy.

And because nothing was putting a dent in my growing waistline…

I started experimenting with intermittent fasting.

What started with a 16 hour fast quickly escalated to multi-day fasts.

“I felt like I was torturing myself, but even that didn’t move the needle.”​

Losing a single pound felt like it required a trip up Mt. Everest.

So I understand how utterly frustrating it feels to try everything and still feel like a loser.

I not only hated going to family gatherings, I started to feel the anxiety of every eye one me every time I walked into any room.

Every person I talked to I just knew was judging me for my weight.

The shame spiral I felt in front of my wife was paralyzing.

I even went overboard trying to avoid her seeing me naked.

I felt like I was imprisoned in my own body - and no one had the key to set me free…

Until I met Dr. Mike. I’ll introduce you to him in just a minute.

I met Dr. Mike at the very lowest point in my life.

I felt completely and utterly betrayed by my body.

I had no energy, no drive, no libido… And my self esteem was shredded beyond repair.

Ashamed, hopeless, and humiliated…

I threw in the towel.

I started depending more and more on pills, and I went to bed every night having drunk myself into a stupor.

You can guess what that did to my weight, my overall health, and my already failing heart health.

I struggled every night to get to sleep.

Plus I woke up every night 3 AM, knowing it would be be a miracle if I ever made it back to sleep.

In the morning I felt like I’d been run over by a truck.

Feeling exhausted had become my full-time job.

My anxiety levels were at an all time high. I was consumed by the fear of having a heart attack and leaving my wife and kids in the lurch.

It was during this dark and depressing period that by God’s grace I stumbled into the one that would turn all that aroundalmost overnight.

And if this doesn’t bring a smile to your face, I don’t know what will.

Now, remember, I was born into a family of superstars.

Then there was always me – the fat one who clearly didn’t belong.

My family pictures looked like a group of Avenger Superheroes.

And my parents and siblings all had friends who looked just like them, too.

You know, birds of a feather and everything.

I avoided family gatherings like the plague. I used every excuse in the book to not have their perfect bodies thrown in my face.

But there was a gathering on the calendar I simply couldn’t avoid: my parents 50th wedding anniversary.

They had friends coming from all over the country and it would be too big of a slap in the face to no-show.

So I carefully chose the clothes that best camouflaged my weight.

And committed to swallowing my shame and enduring the humiliation.

And I could not be happier that I did.

Because that’s where I met Dr. Mike Leavitt.

Or, as I think of him – “Magic Mike.”

Because the results of what Dr. Mike shared with me felt like magic, even though I know it wasn’t.

It was pure science.

Because the results of what Dr. Mike shared with me felt like magic, even though I know it wasn’t.

It was pure science.

During my parent’s 50th anniversary party, once more I felt like a fish out of water around all the skinny athletic types.

I was doing my best to avoid, well, just about everyone, when I was approached by an older guy who was cut from the same cloth as my dad.

He had broad muscular shoulders, a trim waist, and arms that belonged on the cover of a men’s fitness magazine.

He was at least 30 years older than me - but didn’t look a day over 50.

These are the guys whose conversations revolve around what triathlons they’re doing in the coming year…

“Where they’re skiing this winter…”

“and that time they climbed El Cap in Yosemite last summer…”

The last thing on my mind was climbing a rock.

I wanted to crawl under one.

So this guy obviously knew I was the black sheep of the family.

But he approached me with kindness in his eyes…

And then he said,

“You might not think so, but I know exactly how you feel about being part of your “perfect” family.”

“Because believe it or not, I was in the same place.”

I’d struggled with my weight my entire childhood. I was always the chubby kid.

Even after I got my medical degree, I was alway 50 pounds overweight… no matter what I did.

When I turned 40, it just got worse.

After a nasty divorce and a mid-life crisis…

I decided to check out for a bit.

I joined an organization like the Peace Corps for doctors… and got assigned to Madagascar, the island off the coast of Africa.

While there I discovered an ancient health secret that once I started following it, the weight miraculously began to melt off.

I’m wondering if you’d like to hear about it?

I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough.

We met for coffee the next morning.

And Dr. Mike was all business.

He interviewed me like I was a patient. He wanted my full health history.

When we were all finished, he said,

“Brad, you’re suffering from what must be the most confused nervous system on the planet.”​

Again, not what I was expecting.

Over the next hour, Dr. Mike went on to explain something I’d never heard from any doctor or weight loss expert say – ever.

He told me that there’s one network in our body that’s more responsible for our metabolism… than anything else.

More than genetics, more than diets and more than exercise…

See, there’s a mini network of nerves inside our bodies that connects our digestive system to our brains.

Technically it’s called the “Vagus Nerve” 1, but that name is a little misleading.

It’s an entire mini “nervous system.”

It’s responsible for the communication between our brains, our stomach, and our gut.

It handles the signals that say “I’m hungry” and “I’m full” …

It handles the signals to burn fat or store it.

It dictates how much you eat, when you eat, and what kind of food you crave.

This nerve network is responsible for one of your body’s most important functions: the “rest and digest” cycle.

Dr. Mike told me that it was clear my Vagus system was confused beyond belief.

There were mixed messages, cancelled messages, signals never sent, signals never received.

So much so, that it’s led some experts to call this condition “Neuro-Gastric Confusion.”

And get this: it’s a condition that’s exacerbated by stress, low-quality sleep, and even over-exercising.

And it’s worsened by the hormone cortisol 2, which the body produces during times of stress and anxiety.

As I thought about it, I couldn’t remember a time when my weight wasn’t causing me stress.

Meal time, exercise time, going to church, going to a school function…

Being naked around my wife…

My God, just going to the freaking grocery made me feel judged and stressed out.

Remember how I mentioned that it always felt like I was missing something, but I just didn’t know what it was.

It was all starting to make sense.

Then Dr. Mike went on to tell me how he discovered the remedy for Neuro-Gastric confusion.

It was while he was on his assignment in Madagascar.

The village he was working in had a unique meal ritual.

Before each meal, they would all pause, close their eyes, and take several deep breaths…

And then eat.

Their morning meal often consisted of a strange yam.

During his stay, his excess weight just started falling off his body.

At first he thought he might have caught some kind of bug, but he felt great and was looking great…

And he felt more energized and positive than he had in years.

So he just chalked his transformation up to eating a strange but all-natural diet free of typical western food processing.

Before long he was exercising – because he loved it, not because he “had to.”

Pretty soon, his body was transformed. He could hardly believe his eyes.

He actually had burley-looking biceps, a well-defined chest, and before long, he was sporting a 6-pack.

After his commitment in Africa was finished he returned to the states.

And even though he maintained his exercise regimen, he started gaining weight again - especially belly fat.

He was dumbfounded, confused, and totally discouraged.

He did NOT want to go back to his life – and his body – as he had known it before.

That’s when he remembered the simple meal rituals from his time on Madagascar…

And wondered if there was something unique and special that he could duplicate here in the States that would help him recapture his body.

So he took a deep dive into research.

After months of trying to reverse engineer his experience…

He came across a mind blowing discovery…

Something that, even though he was a physician, they hadn’t taught him in medical school.

His research proved that it’s finally possible for you to end your struggle with weight loss – for good.

Now, it started with that nerve network I mentioned earlier.

Vagus Nerve

The latest research reveals that the Vagus nerve system indeed influences metabolism far more than any other single variable.3

He also discovered that our modern, fast-paced, high-stress, anxiety-inducing lifestyle…

Drastically shuts down this nerve system…

So that it never gets the chance to prime the body for its “rest and digest” cycle.

The result is as simple as it is profound.

“Neuro-Gastric Confusion.”​

The brain and the gut can’t agree on well, anything.

If the brain doesn’t get the right signals from this gut-brain connection…

Your body never really knows that it’s “full.”

So you’re far more likely to overeat.

Plus, since your gut is in a state of confusion, you start craving the wrong kinds of food…

Like sugary, carb-heavy foods.

This sends the bad bacteria in your gut on a feeding frenzy, crowding out the good bacteria.

Which makes you feel hungry all the time for that unhealthy, pound-packing food.

What’s worse, your metabolism never gets the signal to burn fat instead of storing it.

It’s little wonder I’d struggled with my weight for so long.

I was suffering from Neuro-Gastric confusion.

Now that it had a name, Dr. Mike was dead set on figuring out what solved it.

Lo and behold the research led him to discover something that had been right under his nose.

The Elephant Foot Yam: his daily breakfast in Madagascar.

He discovered that it has a very unique and rare compound called Glucomannan.

Get this: scientific research reveals it’s one of the most effective soluble fibers on earth.4

That means it helps take up space in your stomach, making you feel full (satiety), and helping you want to eat less.5

Plus, it helps delay the emptying of the stomach, which means you feel full – longer.6

And it reduces the absorption of fat by your intestines.7

All-in-all, the Glucomannan found in the Elephant Foot yam is one of the most potent compounds that supports Neuro-Gastric Modulation8.

It’s a fiber that promotes an optimized metabolism.

This discovery sent Dr. Mike on a quest to find other natural compounds that might have a similar impact on the metabolism through the Neuro-Gastric connection.

That’s when he stumbled upon a powerhouse amino acid called L-Tyrosine.9

This amino acid is a key player in neurotransmitters, like epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine.

Recent research has shown how the brain chemical epinephrine helps support the Vagus nerve’s role of telling you when you’re full and helping you stay full.10

And both norepinephrine and dopamine help reduce stress, ultimately helping the Vagus nerve improve digestion and metabolism.11 12

Then Dr. Mike discovered the wonders of a compound called Phenylethylamine HCI, also known as PEA.

PEA is a compound that helps stimulate the central nervous system.

Like L-tyrosine, PEA triggers neurotransmitters in the brain that supports the ever-important Vagus nerve system.

All by promoting the release of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

These help to boost your mood and decrease stress.13

While also ramping up a dragging metabolism…

Boosting your energy levels…14 15

And even spurring the motivation to exercise.

Dr. Mike told me he’d been mixing these compounds at home and his formula was transforming his body even faster than the results he saw in Madagascar.

Clearly it was working wonders.

Then he asked if I wanted to try it for myself.

Again, I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough.

So he took my address and told me he’d get me a week’s sample when he got home from my parent’s anniversary celebration.

Dr. Mike’s formulation came in the mail a week later.

In the box were several labeled ziploc baggies and a 3×5 card with instructions on how to mix the compounds.

I basically was to stir the powders into a glass of water and drink in the morning.

The first morning I tried it, I almost gagged it tasted so terrible.

But since I’d tried everything else, I figured what the heck it was “worth the yuck”… especially if it led to results like Dr. Mike’s.

That very first morning, I was amazed.

I felt a smooth, calm sense of energy.

Not jittery like how too much coffee made me feel.

I felt my mood become more positive and enthusiastic.

The focus I had on my work was direct and felt effortless.

When it came time for lunch, I didn’t feel desperate like I normally did.

I simply ate till I was full and I even noticed I was satisfied with less than I normally eat.

Plus, I didn’t have cravings for a sugary dessert.

In fact, I hadn’t felt any unhealthy cravings like I normally did.

Plus, food wasn’t “top of mind” like it usually was.

And then, the afternoon was just as amazing as the morning.

I felt great. Focused, energized, calm, and in what can only be described as a fantastic mood.

I wasn’t impatient with my co-workers or even my kids.

Then when dinner time rolled around, it was the same as lunch!

I wasn’t “starving” and I didn’t feel the need to overindulge.

Plus I didn’t feel guilted into thinking I should be depriving myself.

I ate a good, healthy meal, then stopped when I was full.

I may have had a little ice cream, too, then went to bed.

I slept amazingly well and woke up more refreshed than I’d felt in YEARS.

When I looked in the mirror… I even thought I looked ever so slightly thinner.

So I stepped on the scale and what do you know, it was heading in the right direction!

For the next 7 days, I kept taking Dr. Mike’s bad-tasting mixture.

At the end of the week, I’d lost 10 pounds.

I called Dr. Mike and said,

“I’m calling you Magic Mike from now on...."

“That was the simplest, easiest, most enjoyable 10 pounds I’ve ever lost! Thank you!”​

Dr. Mike emailed me the list of ingredients and where to find them.

Before I knew it, I’d dropped 51 pounds.

My friends and family could hardly believe their eyes.

That’s when my sister-in-law Bonnie insisted I share my secret with her.

Which I was glad to do.

I gave her Dr. Mike’s email and instructions.

A few weeks later, she called me crying she was so happy.

She said it was the easiest 12 pounds she’d ever lost.

She said she looked and felt great and owed me a debt of gratitude she could never repay.

“Brad,” she said, “you’ve got to share this with the world! How many people are out there struggling just like me who’ve tried everything and have lost hope? You have a responsibility to let them know.”

I knew she was right.

“How many people are going to want to choke down something so disgusting every morning??”

I had to make it easier to take.

But then there was the problem of sourcing the rare ingredients.

Bonnie and I had spent several hundred dollars – just for a one-month’s worth of the compounds.

So I contacted Dr. Mike and asked for his help.

He told me he was happily retired, but would find some time to help in an advisory capacity.

Plus he had some contacts from his medical career that could assist us.

So we started interviewing companies that had strong relationships with raw ingredient suppliers and bulletproof quality control.

We looked for companies that invested extra money in 3rd party testing for improved transparency and accountability.

Turns out, the list of companies that meet those standards is fairly small.

But in the end, we found the cream of the crop.

A company that I’d be proud to stand behind.

Vitabrim Health Logo (150px)
They’re Called Vitabrim Health.

Their products are manufactured right here in the United States, which means a lot to me, and hopefully you, too.

During our discussion about Dr. Mike’s compounds, Vitabrim’s formulators revealed some new groundbreaking research they had elite access to.

And they suggested a handful of additional all-natural compounds to improve Dr. Mike’s formula even further!

They added the perfect amount of a smooth, non-jittery type of caffeine called Caffeine Anhydrous.

It helps mobilize fat from fat tissue by stimulating the nervous system…

And directs fat cells to breakdown fat that’s stored in the body.16

The expert formulators also added therapeutic doses of Raspberry Ketones, Yohimbe Bark, Green Tea Extract, Kola Nut, and L-Carnitine.

Each of these compounds on their own have been scientifically validated to help support your metabolism and promote weight loss.

But all these compounds together?

Well, they become a synergistic powerhouse.

When working together… these ingredients create the most effective remedy to promote a fast-burning metabolism…

All by improving the Neuro-Gastric connection that’s crucial to maintaining a healthy metabolism.

This is why bursting with pride to introduce you to:

Metabrim NRG

It’s the world’s only clinically-supported protocol that directly addresses the root cause of unwanted and unexplained weight gain: Neuro-Gastric Confusion.

Metabrim NRG is the only product on the planet that contains the proprietary blend of these unique natural ingredients…

And the dose most effective…

To support the primary nerve network that specifically controls your energy AND your metabolism.

I want to be clear on this:

Metabrim NRG is totally unique.

After decades of searching, Bonnie, myself, and thousands of everyday men and women can testify to that.

Firing up your metabolism, and restoring your youthful energy couldn’t be simpler.

This powerful and natural formula will make you feel like you’re effortlessly burning fat… all while aging in reverse.

That’s because it solves the confusion that’s paralyzing your Neuro-Gastric system.

When you add this to an already healthy diet and even just moderate exercise…

Then… look out.

You’re finally unlocking the full potential of your metabolism…

Feeling raw, clean energy throughout the day and burning fat around the clock is finally as simple and easy as you always prayed it would be.

You’ll be excitedly watching the results reflected in the mirror…

And on the scale – every. single. day.

It’ll be hard to wipe the smile off your face. But not that you’d want to!

Now, allow me to ask you an important question.

What would it be worth to you to actually live in the body of your dreams?

And what would it be worth to you to forget ever having to deprive yourself with hyper restrictive diets?

And without having to spend hours weighing your food and counting calories?

And what would it be worth to you to not have to spend hours and hours a day torturing yourself with exercises you may not actually like?

And what would it feel like to look in the mirror and swear that it looks like you’ve hit the rewind button on aging?

How much would it be worth to you to actually feel the unbreakable energy of your youth?

Seriously, consider what all that extra TIME, ENERGY, and “brain space” would be worth to you?

Imagine getting hours of your precious time handed back to you on a silver platter.

Imagine never having to wonder if people were judging you because of your weight.

Imagine the newfound self-respect you’d feel when you look at yourself in the mirror.

What would you enjoy doing with your loved ones that your extra weight is preventing you from doing right now?

What would that joy and deep connection with your loved ones be worth?

Would you even dare to put a price tag on it like $500 or $10,000, or even $50,000?

You can breathe a sigh of relief because your investment in yourself won’t cost anywhere near that.

You see, before I started bringing this product to market, my wife and I decided this would never be about money for us.

Since I know what it’s like to struggle with excess weight, being robbed of confidence, health, and vitality…

And feeling completely powerless to stop it…

That’s the very last thing I’d ever want for anyone.

What I’m all about is getting the word out about this life-changing formula.

Which is why I’m not even going to charge $399… not even close.

That’s what the “bean-counter” experts told me I should charge.

I’d never want the cost to stand in anyone’s way of experiencing the life-changing transformation that’s inevitable with this product.

If you place your order today, you can get a 30-day supply of Metabrim NRG for as low as $31 a bottle.

But before you place your order…

You need to know that based on research and customer testimonials have demonstrated time and again that the best results are experienced over a 90-180 day period.

The results are cumulative and weight maintenance becomes a snap when this formula is used daily, and consistently.

I truly want you to experience the most transformative results possible.

That’s why, today only, and only on this page, we’re slashing the price of the 90 and 180-day bundles, which basically puts more money… right back into your pocket.

Unfortunately, I’m only able to guarantee these special bundle prices for today or until the introductory inventory runs out.

And, with world events being so topsy turvy and unpredictable…

We’ve gotten word from our ingredient supplier that pricing is 100% going to go up on the next order.

Due to how our inventory is flying off the shelves, our price increase could hit any time.

That’s why most people are ordering the 6-month supply.

It simply makes the most sense if you want the biggest cost savings and the peace of mind from having nothing stand between you and your ideal body.

With each purchase, you also get these bonuses to boost your fat-burning results

Bonus #1 : 7 Sneaky Fast Ways to Curb Your Food Cravings

7 Sneaky Fast Ways to Curb Your Food Cravings is an exclusive guide on how to transform your towards eating and food cravings. Learn the secrets to controlling your diet and boost your fat loss efforts in a few simple steps.

Bonus #2 : The Everyday Guide to Mindful Eating

The Everyday Guide to Mindful Eating reveals a revolutionary approach to gaining control over your eating habits. This guide will cover how to accelerate weight loss efforts, avoid stress eating and develop a positive mental attitude – creating a powerful physical and mental paradigm for you!

Plus, if you invest in yourself by getting the 6-Bottle Bundle…

6B + Ultra Colon Cleanse

I’m going to add in two special bonuses that will help you accelerate your results – even more.

Truth is, the bean counters have told me I should NOT be doing this…

That it sabotages the “bottom line.”

But I know a thing or two about “self sabotage”…

And how easy it is to give up – and give in.

That’s why I’m doubling down on my promise to you…

To get you the results you want as fast and as safely possible.

So the gift I want to send you – 100% free…

Will help you accelerate your weight loss journey.

In fact, it’s something that could help you lose a near-instant 17 pounds.

“How is that even possible?” you may ask.

Well, did you know the average person has 17 pounds of rotting poop trapped inside their colon?

It’s crazy, and a little gross, but true.17

The latest research has highlighted how “Fecal Impaction” is a real thing, and far more common than anyone thought.18

That’s why, when you choose the 6-Bottle bundle today, I’m going to include a 100% free bottle of our breakthrough colon cleanse called Ultra Colon Cleanse.

It’s the dead simple way to almost instantly flush out up to 17 pounds of rotting poop hiding inside your intestines right now.

How does Ultra Colon Cleanse do this?

It contains all-natural ingredients like Psyllium husk, Rhubarb root, Gentiana scabra, Aloe Vera, Cascara Sagrada, Goldenseal root, Buckthorn bark, Bentonite, and a handful of others…

That have been scientifically proven to help promote intestinal health and help dissolve that pesky fecal matter lurking in our colons.

In addition, Ultra Colon Cleanse helps flush toxins from the body…

Promote a healthy immune response…

Revs up the metabolism to help with weight loss…

All while improving your digestion, too.

Can you imagine almost instantly dropping up to 17 pounds…

Because you have Ultra Colon Cleanse working for you?

Can you imagine your digestive system working like clockwork?

And digestive issues becoming a thing of the past?

Can you imagine how much lighter your gut will feel when you’re free from all the crap, literally, you’ve been carrying around for who knows how long?

That’s why I’m including a complimentary bottle when you choose the 6-Bottle Bundle today.

The other powerful accelerator I’m including when you get the 6-Bottle Bundle…

Is the result of Dr. Mike’s extensive research.

See, once he started researching The Elephant Foot Yam…

He remembered his time in Madagascar…

And the community’s peaceful pre-meal moment of silence.

At the time, he thought it was simply a prayer or gratitude ritual.

But then he remembered that the entire community would close their eyes, and start to slow down their breathing…

Very quickly, their breathing would settle into a slow, unison pattern.

And he remembered how calm and peaceful he’d feel when he participated.

How anxiety and stress and worry just seemed to melt away.

That got him thinking.

He started wondering if “breathing” had anything to do with weight loss.

So he started diving into the research.

He was completely shocked by what he found.

He discovered that people who struggle with their weight all made the same 3 mistakes with their breathing…

And without correcting those 3 mistakes, losing weight becomes significantly more difficult.

I’ll tell you more about those 3 mistakes in just a minute.

He discovered that the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream directly impacts how fast your metabolism is working…

How hungry you get…

And the types of cravings you get.

And here’s the good news…

The more oxygen in your blood, the stronger and more charged your metabolism becomes.

Dr. Mike discovered a Harvard University study that demonstrated that specific breathing patterns actually promoted weight loss and helped decrease body fat.19

Imagine that…

Burning fat just with how you breathed!

Then he found a Japanese study that confirmed the same thing.

In just 1 month… obese participants lost a signficant amount of weight doing this one particular breathing exercise.20

Then… he found another study.

One where a daily breathing practice caused a reduction in body weight and body mass index (BMI).21

Dr. Mike even found studies that showed how specific breathing patterns can help reduce stress and improve attention and emotional well-being.22 23

And we all know that stress and high cortisol has been tied to a higher risk of weight gain and obesity.24 25

So here’s what Dr. Mike suggested.

He suggested we consult with the world’s foremost breathwork experts.

Experts who don’t just have “good ideas”…

But ones who have the scientific studies to back up their claims.

Special Bonus: Metabolic Breathwork

Then we put together our own custom “Metabolic Breathwork” program.

It’s simple, but powerful, and extremely effective…

Especially when paired with Metabrim NRG

There’s a breathing pattern for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

They take mere minutes to complete – but the ongoing impact is truly amazing.

These breathing patterns are designed to help manage hunger and cravings…

Plus, Metabolic Breathwork helps explain and fix the 3 most common breathing mistakes people make who struggle with their weight.

Simply correcting these 3 mistakes give you a huge head start.

And the entire program is free today when you choose the 6-Bottle Bundle.

Now, it’s important to understand that this is in addition to the metabolic optimization you’ll be getting from Metabrim NRG.

These simple breathing exercises are completely optional…

But they will accelerate your results if you use them.

What’s not to like about that?

Pausing a few minutes before each meal to “breathe” will help revolutionize your mealtimes…

As well as your waistline!

The entire “Metabolic Breathwork” is yours free when you choose the 6-Bottle option today.

Now, I’ve got a few points I want to make abundantly clear to you.

Metabrim NRG will never be available in a store or on another website.

By buying direct, you save the extra markup of distribution.

And, more importantly, because of the world’s supply chain going through such upheaval with the pandemic, you’ll never see a lower price than right now.

Plus, you can be confident that this is a one time payment. I don’t believe in surprise subscriptions or hidden shipping or handling fees.

So if you look below you’ll see if Metabrim NRG is still in stock.

Plus you’ll see three budget saving options to choose from.

Choose the option that’s best for you.

Then, you’ll be taken to our secure order form.

It uses military-grade 256-bit encryption to keep your private information 100% safe and secure.

We’ll even cover the cost of shipping.

Then, Metabrim NRG will be at your door in 5-10 business days.

Look, I’m so confident that Metabrim NRG is going to completely change your life…

180 Day Money Back Guarantee

That’s why I’m going to guarantee your results for a full 180-days.

If you don’t think this is the simplest, easiest, most effective thing you’ve ever done to lose weight, then I’ll happily refund your purchase price ASAP.

Simply contact our customer support team and they’ll get you squared away with no questions and no hassles.

I’ve gone to the “nth degree” to remove any risk on your part.

But then when you think about it, there is one risk you face.

And that’s the ongoing frustration, pain, and regret of missing out on this scientifically proven way to change your body and change your life.

I’m inviting you to take a 180-day “test drive.”

That way you can measure the impact this formula will have on ramping up your metabolism, improving your health, and transforming your body.

After 180 days, you can decide if it lives up to the hype 100% risk-free.

The time has come to make the commitment to changing your life.

You deserve to experience for yourself everything I’ve talked about here today.

See, nothing you’ve tried so far – including diets and exercise – ever had the chance of working.

And it’s simply because nothing has addressed the Neuro-Gastric connection.

So now you know why you’ve been so stuck.

But now’s your chance to get unstuck.

And in this moment, you’re at a very important crossroads in your life.

What you choose in this moment will determine one of two realities.

Reality #1

The first reality is where you maintain the status quo… ignore the problem, hope that what you’re doing will work one day…

But honestly, in that scenario, the body you want, need, and deserve remains a dream, not a reality.

It’s a hard pill to swallow. I know. I’ve been there.

But why stay stuck battling your weight?

Why stay stuck feeling frustrated that nothing ever changes?

If you choose that reality…

Your pain, frustration, and despair at never losing weight, remains a dark cloud that follows you around wherever you go.

Your metabolism will continue to lose steam and your age-appearance will continue to accelerate.

In this reality, you’re never truly free to live the life you were born to live.

Until eventually, you feel so fully trapped that maybe you give up.

And you live out your days a shell of your former self, never knowing the life you could have lived.

Never knowing the person you could have been.

I made this page so that would never have to be your reality.

Reality #2

But here’s where the other reality comes in…

A reality of a completely changed life – and it’s been enjoyed by thousands of men and women just like you…

Everyday people who stood at the same crossroads you’re standing at right now.

And they stood there after depriving themselves with restrictive diets and punishing themselves with over-exercising.

Feeling burdened and depressed with weight loss attempts that never worked out.

But by choosing Metabrim NRG, they’re experiencing a brand new reality….

Where excess body fat melts off you as if on autopilot…

And looking at yourself in the mirror each day puts a huge smile on your face.

It’s a reality where your metabolism is finally freed up to kick into high gear.

A reality where the “you” you want to be is fully engaged in the relationships that matter most to you.

A reality where you’re finally set free from the life-long frustrations of feeling stuck in a body that’s not really “you.”

Isn’t that the reality you’ve been longing for?

Isn’t that the reality you’ve always dreamed was possible?

Well, the opportunity to experience that reality is staring you in the face right now.

Don’t miss this chance to invest in a new reality for yourself.

Because if you don’t act decisively now, your current reality may just become your permanent reality.

Choose the option below that’s best for you right now.

It’s the scientifically-proven and risk-free way to live the reality you truly want and deserve.

You Can Add Metabrim NRG To Your Order Right Now For Up To 80% Off The Retail Price.






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Plus, when you choose the 6-Bottle Bundle, I’m throwing in a special bonus:

A FREE Bottle of Ultra Colon Cleanse.

It’s the dead simple way to “Reset” your gut…

And flush out up to 17 pounds of rotting poop right out of your colon.

Still here?

Having worked with thousands of customers, I’ve compiled a list of questions that people have about Metabrim NRG.

I’ve answered all of them here so that you can buy today with total confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It’s the metabolic breakthrough discovered when Dr. Mike was living in Madagascar. It helps end the confusion between your brain and your gut.

It’s able to help support a healthy nervous system - since that’s what controls your metabolism and your energy.

The Neuro-Gastric Breakthrough is the best way to turn your metabolism UP…

So you can lose weight fast and feel more healthy, clean energy throughout the day.

Metabrim NRG contains the ingredients that have been proven in the lab, and in real life to help your Vagus nerve do its best work. It’s especially effective for those who’ve “done everything right”, but haven’t seen much success in getting and keeping the weight off.

We’ve watched it work wonders for 20 year olds… and for 80 year olds.

We've actually gotten feedback on this quite a bit.

If you're experiencing this, we recommend taking Metabrim NRG once a day instead of 2 times a day.  

Metabrim NRG is thrid-party tested to be safe for consumption and has no known side-effects.

We use only the best high-quality ingredients and the full manufacturing process is done in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified facility here in the USA.

Note: Metabrim NRG contains caffeine and nuts.

Although every person’s body is different, most people notice their change within the first week.

We recommend taking Metabrim NRG for at least 8 weeks consistently for maximum results and long-term benefits.

That’s a great question.

My plan is for Metabrim NRG to be the metabolic breakthrough helping millions of Americans for years to come.

But, like I mentioned, the billion-dollar diet industry isn’t keen losing lifetime customers.

And… with the global supply chain so topsy turvy right now, it truly threatens our ability to keep up with demand.

That’s why I’m encouraging you to get your hands on Metabrim NRG today…

And why I recommend the 6 Bottle Bundle.

Since you’re protected with our 180-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee…

You have nothing to lose.

Choose the bundle that’s right for you right now.

I get it if you’re a little skeptical. I sure was. That’s from trying so many so-called solutions that didn’t work.

Honestly, the results we’ve seen with people just like you are amazing. But I really believe Metabolic NRG will work for YOU!

The only way to find out is to try it for yourself. But I want you to feel completely comfortable that you’re not risking anything by saying ‘yes’ to Metabrim NRG.

That’s why we’ve got your back with a full 180-day money-back guarantee.

Try it for 6 months. If you’re not completely thrilled, simply call or email our customer support team team and they’ll return every penny of your investment.

You don’t even need to give us a reason why. You’ll just get an easy, hassle-free refund of the full price you pay today.

That’s the fun and easy part! Just click the button below with the bottle option that’s best for you.

After that, you’ll be directed to our secure order page. It only takes a few minutes. Plus you’ll be able to to confirm everything you’re getting here today.

Once you’re finished, our warehouse team will get your order into the mail as soon as possible. Then, it’ll be at your front door within 3-5 business days.

And please know this: you will NOT be enrolled in any kind of auto-billing subscription. I hate those. The only time you’ll pay again is when you place your next order.

Go Ahead, Choose From the Three Money-Savings Options Below.

Remember, you’re fully protected by our 180-day money back guarantee – feel the changes and then decide.






$99 $49

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YOU SAVE $180!

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YOU SAVE $457!

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